Books Received

March 2017

(not all books listed will be reviewed)

Double Tap:Two Novellas, Todd Morr and Christopher Davis (10th Rule Books)

Hell, Bodie Myers (10th Rule Books)

The Adventure of the Incognita Countess, Cynthia Ward (Aqueduct Press)

Shank, Roy Harper (Crime Wave Press)

Devil's Brew, Ben Jones (Crime Wave Press)

Saigon Dark, Elka Ray, (Crime Wave Press)

A Straits Settlement, Brian Stoddart (Crime Wave Press)

The Cambodian Book of the Dead, Tom Vater (Crime Wave Press)

Cottonmouths, Kelly J. Ford (Skyhorse Publishing)

Crosswise and Crossed Bones, S.W. Lauden  (Down & Out Books)

Coney Island Avenue, J.L Abramo (Down & Out Books)

Bad Luck City, Matt Phillips, (Near to the Knuckledragger Novellas)

A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps, Nick Kolakowski, Shotgun Honey/Down & Out Books

Down Solo, Earl Javorsky, The Story Plant

The Butcher's Bill, M.R.Hill, 32-32 North Publishing