Thursday, February 16, 2017

Reviews and Reviewers Needed

Hi folks. Tough's first month of fiction is nearly complete, with three stories in the hopper. On the last Monday of July, I'd like to run a review of a forthcoming or recently published--within the last six months or so--crime book, especially a small press crime novel or story collection. We pay writers $25 for a review of under a thousand words. This review would not be posted until the last Monday of July 2017, so you have some time. Hit me up at with queries or to find out what advance copies I have on hand for which I'd like reviews written.
Thanks in advance--


  1. Rusty,

    If you don't regularly check your spam folder, please do. I've had several submissions to editors with gmail accounts disappear into spam folders the past few months, and now I worry that every editor with a gmail account isn't receiving my submissions. (Trust me, rejection is better than silence.) Thanks!


    1. Thanks for this, Michael. I checked my spam folder and didn't find anything. If you sent me something, I don't have it--please resend.